Sunday, February 5, 2012

First real day in a foreign country

Despite already having been in the Bahamas, Dominica, and Brazil for a day, my second day in Brazil felt like the first day I was really in a foreign country. I attempted to write a thorough explanation of that day but it wasn't going well so here are the highlights:

1. I almost got pick pocketed on a bus

I had just gotten onto my first bus in Manaus. Three guys came on right after me and started pushing me forward. One reached into my pocket (the pocket with my iPhone in it). I immediately grabbed my phone and turned around, making eye contact with they guy. They said something in Portuguese to each other and quickly got off the bus. I though for sure they had taken stuff in my backpack but I checked everything and it was all still there.

2. That bus was the wrong one

A group of friends and I were trying to go to INPA (National Institute for Research in the Amazon). The bus wasn't. It turned the wrong way about 1/4th of the way there.

3. We walked for about 3 hours to INPA (in 34° heat)

We talked to a few people for directions but only one person along the way spoke English. We kept trying to use Spanish with people, but it didn't get us very far.

4. INPA was closed when we got there

My friends upon arriving at INPA

Still, it was a pretty good day.

Also, this soda is great. I drank far too much of this stuff the past 4 days.



  1. Solid post, but less Emily next time. I didn't need to see that.